On this page you will find the answers to frequently asked questions. We will update this page as we get more questions. If your question is not listed, let us know via our contact form and we will try to question as soon as possible.


How much beard oil should I use?

That depends on the size of your beard. The more hair on your chin, the more oil you generally need. But your skin also plays an important role, the drier your skin, the more oil it will absorb. Various sites recommend how many drops you need. Personally, I don't think that's correct because how do you determine how big, full or dry your beard is? What I always check myself is whether my hands are just about dry when I have applied the oil. There are oils on the market that are very greasy or that are made with cheap variants of base oil. these will always leave a greasy film on your hands. We strive to make beard oils that are very well absorbed by skin and hair. So if your hands aren't greasy, at least you haven't put in too much.

Does your oil make my beard grow faster?

Nope, not that I know of. And as far as I know there are no hair growth products that really work. There are essential oils to which certain (hair growth-promoting) properties are attributed, but that has never been proven, and I am the last to claim that this works. Just take good care of your beard, use good beard oil, don't use aggressive shampoo, don't blow dry hot, don't play with it too much, and use the right comb and brush. All this ensures that your beard hairs are not damaged and therefore continue to grow longer. But grow faster, or fuller? No, the science is not there yet.

I have sensitive skin, now what?

I'm not a doctor so unfortunately I can't help you with what to do with your skin, I didn't study long enough for that. At the request of several customers, I made two beard oils without essential oil in them (so odorless), you might want to try this one. Also be especially careful with allergies. You can read more about this on our page allergy information

My beard oil has solidified, now what?

Update: We have updated the oils where this happened and this should no longer happen. If it still happens, then the ambient temperature where you store your oil is simply far too low.

Some beard oils that I make for this, I use pure coconut oil as a base, it solidifies at room temperature. You see this happening in particular with the GO COCONUTS beard oil. You will not notice this as soon as you have the product in your beard. You can do different things (also on the advice of my customers) Keep your bottle under the warm stand for a while and you will see that the oil becomes liquid and clear again in no time. armpit and by the time your teeth have been brushed (brush neatly for 2 minutes) your oil is liquid and clear again (I'm not even making it guys) Make sure you keep the bottle above a heat source (e.g. your heating) and then have it doesn't bother you (provided the heating is on of course) Some stop the bottle in places I'd rather not know but that also seems to work

The cap of my pipette becomes soft and sticky or even leaks?

I can now tell a very technical story about rubber and oil such as: The polymer threads that make up rubber are held together by forces (the so-called London Forces). Oil has similar forces but in reverse, so oil is able to "crawl" between the rubber strands. This process separates the polymer strands, and the balloon bursts. In a sense, the oil becomes the solubilizer of the rubber. But the bottom line is that you should not use oil as a lubricant when you have sex with a condom. And that you have to make sure that you squeeze the pipette of your beard oil well after use and that you keep the bottle upright. Unfortunately, this is an insurmountable problem that you have to take into account. I would like to offer you the convenience of a pipette instead of the inconvenience of a (slow) dropper cap. In short, squeeze oil from pipette and bottle upright. That will make your pipette last longer than you do with your oil.

The cap of my pipette seems to be unscrewing itself?

Even now I can tell the same story as above. But what it simply comes down to is that there is oil between the rim of your bottle and the rubber of the pipette. This reacts with each other, causing the oil to push the pipette off the bottle. In short, make sure that the top edge of your bottle is clean before you close it and you will not have this problem.

There are little black bits floating in my oil?

I only use natural oils, and especially products that contain vanilla oil you sometimes want to encounter small black specks. So this is completely normal and are actually small pieces of vanilla. In short, nothing to worry about

Beard balm, Beard butter and beard wax

 What is the difference between beard balm and beard wax?

Here we wrote a very nice article about. There we explain in detail what we think the differences are and when you can use what.

 Can I heat the balm?

I wouldn't know why you want to do that. Plus it will change the shape of your balm. We make sure that our balm is airy. If you heat the balm it will melt and after cooling it will solidify again. However, then it will look like wax and also feel harder. The effect will remain the same but it will feel different.

 Sometimes the balm/wax is white, the other time yellow, how is this possible?

We use natural ingredients. And therefore prefer naturally treated products. Beeswax can be bleached in several ways. In a chemical way or in a natural way (bleached by the sun) This last way will not always produce white wax, which is why one time the wax is white and the other time yellow. And so is our balm and wax


 Why do you have a separate shop for the t-shirts?

I am currently too small to have stock in terms of t-shirt sales. (Each design, in multiple sizes and multiple colors.) That's why I decided to use a print on demand shop (www.spreadshirt.nl). They take care of everything for me from printing to sending and payment. In short, that's why you can't order a beard oil and a t-shirt at the same time. As soon as you go to the t-shirt shop you actually come to a new website. There is one exception and that is the t-shirt with my own logo, I have them printed elsewhere and I sometimes have a stock of those. So these are limited.

 What are the washing instructions for the t-shirts?

  • Wash your shirt separately the first time
  • Follow the washing instructions on the label
  • Wash your shirt inside out (so the print on the inside)
  • Iron your shirt inside out

If you follow these tips you will enjoy your t-shirt for longer. And that applies to all t-shirts, by the way, not just those from Dutchbeards.


 How long does it take before my order is shipped?

We produce in small quantities (we just like fresh products) So the chance that something is in stock is very small. If something is in stock, it will be shipped the next working day (after you have paid). If your order still needs to be mixed, we try to achieve this within one working day after your payment has been received. And it will therefore be sent the next working day. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, but we will contact you about this.

 How do you ship my order?

At the moment everything from our own shop is sent via PostNL. 10ml bottles (up to a maximum of 5 pieces) go through the letterbox post (a letterbox package) and you do not have to be at home for that. All other bottles go through parcel post and that must be received by someone (or you have to pick it up later at a PostNL collection point). All our shipments have a Track & Trace code so you can track when your package arrives. Outside the Netherlands we only ship via parcel post. The t-shirts are shipped from Germany by our t-shirt partner Spreadshirt. Depending on the amount you order, this will go via an envelope or via a package. We have no further influence on this.

Other questions

 What is the Dutchbeards Test Panel?

A group of 10 beards who are allowed to test a beard oil (or other product) from Dutchbeards once in a while and then give their unvarnished opinion about it. This is something I am convinced is the strength of the quality of Dutchbeards products. The members of the test panel are also regular customers of Dutchbeards and will not use our stuff if they don't like it. And take it from me that a lot of scents have already been sharpened and improved by these men.

 How do I join the Dutchbeards test panel?

10 members is the maximum for me as far as the test panel is concerned. However, once in a while someone falls off (no more time, no more beard, or for whatever reason). If this happens, I usually post a message on the Facebook page, and new beards can sign up. The condition is that you are present at the test evenings, because I want to see your personal reaction when you experience my product for the first time. And furthermore, you should not expect that you will only receive free products, I do expect serious commitment in return. But more on that if you were selected to become a member.

 How do I sign up for your newsletter?

That's easy. Go to this page and the rest is self-explanatory.

 How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

It is a pity that we can no longer surprise you (only) once a month with our newsletter. But unsubscribing is easy. Just follow the link at the bottom of the newsletter and you're unsubscribed. A child can do the laundry.