Beard Comb Sandalwood and Buffalo Horn (curved)


Beard comb, handmade from black water buffalo horn

dimensions may vary but are on average 12.5 x 4.8 cm.

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A beard comb handmade from sandalwood and water buffalo horn.

  • These combs are handmade, so dimensions and shape may vary. On average, the comb is 12.5 x 4.8 cm in size. (thickness 6mm)
  • Buffalo horn is anti-static, so the sparks will not fly off your beard
  • Be careful not to store the comb wet, buffalo horn is a natural product and absorbs water, so the comb can temporarily give off a different odor
  • Buffalo horn and sandalwood are natural products, so the colors may vary

Additional information

Weight23 g
Comb material

buffelhoorn, sandelhout


hout, zwart

How to use

After you have used your favorite beard care product, you can comb your beard into shape and take care of it neatly with this comb.

The comb will absorb the oil and other (skin and hair) fats (in the end your comb will smell nice of the products you use)

Try to avoid getting your comb wet, buffalo horn is a natural product that absorbs moisture. This can cause the comb to smell, which is experienced as less pleasant by some


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