Travel set mini


Beard comb, handmade from water buffalo horn

Beard brush, made of pear wood with boar bristles.


Beard brush small (pear wood)

Beard brush, made of pear wood with boar bristles

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Beard Comb Buffalo Horn mini

Een mini baardkam handgemaakt van waterbuffel hoorn.

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De mini baardkam handgemaakt van waterbuffel hoorn samen met de kleine baardborstel gemaakt van perenhout met zwijnenhaar. Ideaal voor in je broekzak, of in je toilettas als je op reis gaat. Ligt lekker in de hand en bergt makkelijk op. Nu samen in 1 set in cadeauverpakking.

The cob:

  • These combs are handmade so size and shape will vary. On average, the comb measures 10 x 4 cm.
  • Buffalo horn is anti-static, so the sparks will not fly off your beard
  • Be careful not to store the comb wet, buffalo horn is a natural product and absorbs water, so the comb can temporarily give off a different odor
  • Buffalo horn is a natural product, so the colors will vary

The brush

  • These brushes are of very good quality, the bristles are slightly softer than average, making it less irritating to your skin
  • 2,8 x 8 cm.
  • Nice and small, so it fits easily in your pocket. Also handy in your toiletry bag when you travel.
  • Or just nice and small and therefore handy for your mustache.

Additional information

Comb material



various colors (each product has its own unique colors)

How to use

After you have used your favorite beard care product, you can comb your beard into shape and take care of it neatly with this comb.

The comb will absorb the oil and other (skin and hair) fats (in the end your comb will smell nice of the products you use)

Try to avoid getting your comb wet, buffalo horn is a natural product that absorbs moisture. This can cause the comb to smell, which is experienced as less pleasant by some


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