Shipping Information

We use PostNL for all our shipments. Depending on whether a product is in stock, we will ship your order the next working day. If a product is not in stock and we have to mix it fresh for you, it usually takes two working days before we send your package. We use longer delivery times for wholesale orders. Our aim is to ship these within 5 working days.

The costs vary per order, but we try to keep our prices as low as possible. (As we grow as a webshop, we will also be able to purchase more shipments and the price will go down.)

We berekenen geen extra kosten voor verpakking en dergelijke, want die nemen wij voor onze rekening. Daarnaast proberen wij onze ‘footprint’ zo klein mogelijk te houden dus het kan gebeuren dan je een gebruikt doosje ontvangt.

Below you will find a table that gives you an indication of the costs per shipment. (NOTE! this is only an indication and no rights can be granted)

The shipping costs depend on the destination, the quantity you order and the dimensions of the bottles (max weight per package is 23 kg). All packages (including letterbox packages) are sent with track and trace, the shipments via an envelope do not receive a track and trace code. The bottles of beard oil are always sent in a (mailbox) package. Shipping costs include VAT (*).

DestinationCost incl VAT (BTW)(*)Free Shipping
NL brievenbuspakje?4,80boven ?60,-
NL Pakket?7,34boven ?60,-
NL Envelope (**)3,65boven ?60,-
B?10,73boven ?150,-
D?10,25boven ?150,-
L?14,52boven ?150,-
F, AT?14,36boven ?150,-
UK?20,27boven ?150,-
DK?17,85boven ?150,-
I, ES?15,17boven ?200,-
SK, CZ20,72boven ?200,-
IE, FI?23,14boven ?200,-
PT?18,00boven ?200,-
PL, HU, SE, SL?23,14boven ?200,-
BG, EE, GR, LV, LT, RO, MT, HR, CY30,85boven ?300,-
VS?34,73boven ?300,-

(*) VAT – We are legally obliged to charge VAT on the shipping costs. PostNL does not have this obligation. That is why it can happen that if you send a package yourself, you pay less than we charge. We guarantee that we will always use the lowest price for the package shipments and we simply have to pay the VAT charged to the tax authorities.
(**) COSTS LETTER MAIL – We charge a fixed rate for letter mail. It is possible that we have lost less postage than you paid, but it is more common that we have lost more than the amount charged. Unfortunately, we cannot coordinate this per order. We appreciate your understanding for this.