About Dutchbeards

The start of Dutchbeards - 2015

A few months before Christmas, I walked around with a longer beard than usual, and my 6-year-old daughter asked me why I had such a long beard. Jokingly, I told her that Santa Claus had asked me to help him this year and that's why I had to let my beard grow. Her eyes widened, and her smile grew even bigger - her dad was going to help Santa Claus. How could I ever bring myself to shave my beard now? Her joyful anticipation would immediately crumble, and I would be left in a difficult situation. In short, I had decided to let my beard grow until the 2nd Christmas day.
The days after Christmas, I didn't get around to trimming my beard, and I started to wonder if I should shave it off at all. Until now, I haven't done so. In the meantime, I have visited the barber several times to have everything professionally groomed, and I must say, I'm hooked. In short, I wear my beard with pride and derive great enjoyment from it.

Dutchbeards in 2016-2019

Then you will automatically have to deal with beard care products and before you know it you are experimenting with your own beard oil recipes. A try becomes a hobby and a hobby becomes a business. After many trial and error, after real test rounds with a great (critical) test panel of 10 beards, we have come to a nice line of beard oils.

Not the standard products you find everywhere, but beard oil with a philosophy. The base oils are matched to each other and the scent can often be called special. Actually under the guise of “Pretty strange, but man oh man how delicious!” Now a year later and meanwhile started a real company with registration at the Chamber of Commerce and everything else that comes with it. We are still looking for ways to improve our products and service (so don't hesitate to let us know if you have any good ideas), and we try to keep innovating where we can.

Dutchbeards 2019 till now

Meanwhile, several years have passed, and we're doing better than ever. We've survived Corona, the energy crisis, inflation, and Dutchbeards is still going strong!

The product line has expanded significantly, and every year we add new scents and innovations to our shop. In short, we continue to aim for growth and improvement, something that never stands still.

Owner Dutchbeards


You can contact us using the contact form or by sending a message to our Facebook page.
We can also be reached by phone during working days between 10:00 and 16:00 on telephone number 06-10884544

Barbers, partners, resellers and white- and private labels can contact us through the well-known channels or alternatively through our partner page.




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Keinsmerwiel 51
1705 GJ, Heerhugowaard

Production & Laboratory

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Rustenburgerweg 22
1703 RW, Heerhugowaard
Parking: When you arrive, you drive onto a residential area. You can proceed until you reach the large rolling door. There, you can park your car (please do not cross the white line, as it belongs to the neighbors' property).


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