What is the best beard oil?

de beste baardolie

What is the best beard oil? We get this question very often. And what other answer than “any Dutchbeards beard oil” can I give you. Those are all good!

All kidding aside. Of course we think that we make the best beard oil there is, but we also realize that it is not that simple.

Different base oils

de beste baardolie

Many people don't realize what the key to success is for the best beard oil. A beard oil is 70% for the care and nutrition of your skin and 25% is for the care and nutrition of your beard hair. The other 5% is the scent. Many men (and women too) choose a beard oil based on the scent and with that you only get 5% of the function.

If you want the best beard oil for you, then you should go and see what this oil does to your skin and hair. And of course it's a plus that it also smells nice. We use a number of different basic formulas for our beard oils. Over the years we have learned that people are mainly looking for a thick, a thin or an average consistency. And that is why we adapted our entire range to this years ago.

The composition of the three different basic formulas all have the same degree of care and nutrition. So you can never go wrong with Dutchbeards.

The difference is in the price

In general, the beard wearer knows that argan oil is a good and beautiful oil. Jojoba oil is another example, this is also a very pleasant and good oil. Many producers will therefore use argan oil in their formula. However, what you will often see is that these are free at the end of the label. The further to the end an ingredient is on the label, the less it contains. (the cosmetics law prescribes that you must list the INCI names on the label in order of quantity). So when you see "Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil" you should take a look at how many ingredients are listed on the label for it.

You may wonder why that is important; It makes a big difference whether you use 1% argan in your formula or 25%. And that is mainly due to the costs. Argan is on average 3 times more expensive than, for example, safflower oil (thistle oil). The cheaper oils such as safflower, sunflower or sesame oil are increasingly seen among the ingredients. And with that, a producer quickly saves a factor of 3 on its raw materials. Nice for the selling price, but less nice for the caring and nourishing aspects for which you should actually purchase your beard oil.

And what about the essential oils?

We must not forget these. Because besides making the scent for your beard oil, some of them also have positive (and sometimes negative) effects for your skin and hair. However, realize that an average beard oil usually only contains around 1% of these essential oils, you probably understand that the base oil has a much greater influence. We also see large price differences with essential oils. Often much more extreme than with the base oil. I have bottles of 5 euros and bottles in the same amount of € 500. As long as you realize that these oils mainly have a scent function, we are back at the beginning and the best beard oil mainly depends on the base oils.

But what is the best beard oil?

Did we already mention all Dutchbeards beard oils? The best beard oil for you is the beard oil that best cares for your skin and beard hair. In short, an oil that prevents beard itch and skin flakes. An oil that makes your beard hairs soft and supple. An oil that you don't have to use whole hands full of. In short, an oil that suits you and, importantly, that fits your budget.

Below we have selected three oils that differ in thickness. The Urban Buddha is made with the thinner oils. The Old Souls has an average thickness and the Satan's Bluff is one of the thicker oils. In short, as described above, we have something for everyone.

Of course, the best beard oil should also smell nice, but with 25 different variants we also have a wide choice in which you should certainly succeed.

So what is a bad beard oil?

I doubted for a long time whether I should answer this question. And I think I can be brief about it. I would personally stay far away from a producer who has to sell his oil with slogans like “promotes beard growth” or “repairs damaged hair”. As well as producers who sell bulk packs, these are often cheap productions from countries outside the EU and they cannot guarantee safety. Similarly, products where not all information is stated on the label or where an address is missing on the label are often shady parties that I would not put on my skin. And it's just nice to you.

Just buy what you feel comfortable with. Just search google and use your common sense.

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